About Our Center

The AIYC Youth Club is dedicated to the development of spiritual, moral, intellectual, and social development in our youth and community. With strong support of our community, AIYC continues forward towards its goals and aspirations in a positive direction. In order to succeed, young people and along with their parents need to experience emotional and physical safety, healthy relationships, and opportunities for leadership.

They also need to feel the connection to their communities, opportunities to develop skills, quality lives based on mutual respect and positive caring. It is through these experiences that our young learn to be productive people, to connect with peers and family in positive ways, and to navigate systems.

 Our mission is to provide youth with the tools today to lead our community and our country tomorrow. By involving the youth in every aspect of the AIYC youth club and center, we are giving them the opportunity to build and develop a base of working knowledge in terms of organizing, planning, and teamwork and building bridges with other ethnical groups. Our youth club and center is promoting and providing services and activities in response to the needs and interests of Edmonton youth while specialized with Muslim youth issues.

AIYC's Youth and Family empowerment Program aims are to develop skills, promote healthy lifestyles and creativity and to maintain and improve quality of life through physical activities. The program provides opportunities include: mentoring, skills training, workshops, alternative school services, leadership development, and much more!